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Committed to Change: Heat Wave

Each month, we select a different charity to donate a portion of our proceeds.

For September, we are donating 30% of sales from all items in our Ice Tools category to North Park Community Fridge, an organization that provides free (factory sealed) food and health supplies to community members in need and may be living in public. Collins & Coupe is preparing to host one of these fridges in front of the shop, look for it in the coming weeks!

If you're inspired by their mission and would like to donate directly, please do so below! We will report the total donation amount at the close of the month.

Please share your favorite charities with us, especially if they directly benefit marginalized communities. We are also actively seeking Black owned vendors and creatives to partner with. Share your findings for bar-related merchandise or educators if you think they would be a good fit for our store.

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